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Research Update: Survey Highlights Opportunities and Challenges of School Visits

By Sara Clarke-De Reza

If you’ve been following along with the Busload of Books Research journey, you know that our team joined Robbi, Matthew, and the bus at the recent National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) annual conference in Columbus, Ohio. Our student researchers presented a poster detailing the positive inter-relationship between student attitudes about reading, writing, and drawing, and Drs. Garcia and Bunten joined a panel presentation where they shared data showing the measurable impact of author and illustrator visits on student literacy.  

As if that packed agenda doesn’t sound like enough, our team also collected survey data from more than 500 educators attending the conference. We wanted to better understand the perceived benefits and challenges associated with bringing authors and illustrators to K-12 schools.  

More than 500 teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, and other school-based professionals completed a 5-minute multiple-choice survey that asked them to identify the top benefits of author/illustrator school visits for teachers and students, as well as the top challenges that schools face in securing these opportunities for students. 

We’ve released the preliminary results of this national survey of educators in a white paper entitled “NCTE Educator Survey Report.” You can read the full-text of that document HERE.  

We’ll highlight key findings in future blog posts, so stay tuned! 



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