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Matthew and Robbi Awarded Washington College President's Medal!

By Avery Castellani

On February 23rd, Washington College's Decker Theatre welcomed Matthew and Robbi back for George Washington's Birthday Convocation. It was here that they were awarded one of the biggest honors of the night, the President's Medal.

As it stands, the award recognizes the accomplishments of an individual, organization, etc. that has made "significant contributions" to the advancement of the college or the Chestertown/Kent County region. While Matthew and Robbi have done so much work worth celebrating, this award was given to them specifically for their collaboration with the college's education and sociology departments. The majority of the research team hails from these two departments, student researchers included.

They shared the spotlight with head of the research team, Dr. Sara Clarke-De Reza, who, along with communications professor Dr. Meghan Grosse, received an award for innovation in teaching. While unrelated to her Busload of Books endeavors, the award showcases her talent when it comes to cross-disciplinary collaboration— and those skills keep our research team running.

In a post commemorating the evening, Matthew wrote that he and Robbi were "grateful to share the Tour and its underlying mission with a whole new group of people," and to do it alongside the professors on the research team, Drs. Bridget Bunten and Nick Garcia included. You can read Matthew's full post on Instagram HERE.

Congratulations to Matthew and Robbi, as well as our hardworking research team members!



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