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Busload of Books Featured in What's Up? Mag

Updated: Feb 19

By Avery Castellani

To kick off the new year, Matthew and Robbi spoke with Lisa Gotto for What's Up? Media about all things BoB. What's Up? was launched in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County region around 27 years ago and serves readers all across the Chesapeake Bay region. Their work is distributed in a number of ways, including glossy-print publications, e-newsletters, philanthropic partnerships, and more. This story in particular is featured on their online magazine, What'sUpMag.

The article chronicles not only the Swanson family's glorious return to Chestertown following their tour around the country, but a large portion of what came before, including the couple's author/illustrator origin story and how they made their dreams (and the bus) a reality. Also included are numerous photos of the duo with some of the many young students they inspired along the way.

We here at the research team implore you to sit back and read Matthew and Robbi's personal takeaways from the experience (and not just because they gave us a shout out!). You can find the article HERE.



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